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gutter maintenance

What a season it has been! With a lot of snow and rain, you’ve probably spent more time indoors than you expected to. As winter is coming to a close, you might be wondering about the effects of the cold season on your property. If you’ve started creating a home maintenance checklist or are just about to, make sure to have your roof and gutters on top of the list.

The most common part of the house that can easily be damaged during winter is the roof, as it is exposed to moisture, extreme temperature changes, and the sun’s damaging UV rays. To make sure you don’t miss any problem that needs your immediate attention, ask the help of trusted roofing contractors in Salisbury MD.

During winter, it can be difficult and dangerous to check your roof and gutters on your own. If you’re ready to have them inspected, you may start scheduling maintenance works this month. March is the time of the year that many people have their roofs maintained as this is the time when the temperature often starts to warm up and snowfall starts to melt. You’ll see some property owners raking snow off their gutters and roofs. When too much snow has accumulated, however, some call the help of experts.

If you plan to remove snow on the roof on your own, you may do it safely from the ground. Just use a roof rake so you won’t have to get up on the roof to remove snow and ice. During any maintenance work, it’s also best to check for exterior water damage. With the help of a friend or a family member, use a sturdy ladder to check if your gutters and downspouts are clogged. If they are, melted snow may not drain properly, causing water to back up on the roof, seep through your siding or exterior wall, and damage your interiors.

Additionally, take the presence of icicles as a warning sign of possible water damage due to blocked gutters, clogged downspout, or insufficient ventilation. They may be beautiful to look at but they shouldn’t be there on your roof.

Proper inspection and maintenance can go a long way, especially during extreme weather conditions. When you need help with your residential roofing in Salisbury MD, contact Spicer Bros. Construction. With more than a decade of experience in maintaining roofs and gutters, we can assist you in keeping yours in top shape.

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