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Spring Maintenance Plan: 4 Ways to Improve Your Exterior

By March 18, 2016June 25th, 2020No Comments

Spring is the perfect time for many home upgrade projects. During this season, you can refresh your home and repair any damage caused by winter. There are many things you can do to maintain your home. While most homeowners focus on interior projects, exterior spring maintenance can also be fulfilling.

Spring Maintenance

Implementing exterior tasks can give you a more pleasing ambiance, while allowing you to enjoy the breath of fresh spring air. These tasks may include enhancing your roofing, window, or siding in Lewes, DE. To guide you in your spring maintenance plan, Spicer Bros. Construction lists four projects you can easily implement.

1. Invest inn roofing repair and maintenance – As rainstorms are unlikely to develop this season, inspecting your roof for any damage and making necessary repairs is ideal. Missing or broken shingles, for instance, can create bigger problems when left unnoticed. This is important to avoid water penetration when a storm hits. If the roof sustained damage that’s beyond repair, consider a roof replacement. Spicer Bros. Construction offers various roofing options and roofing services to help you improve your home this season.

2. Clean and protect your gutters –Winter may have brought loads of debris to your gutters. Standing water may develop due to clogged gutters. Take the proactive approach and schedule gutter cleaning and maintenance with Spicer Bros. Construction today. We also install quality gutters should you need to replace your old and rusty ones. In addition, we provide gutter protection systems to help prevent debris from entering your gutters.

3. Upgrade your siding – It covers the majority of your exterior, so be sure to take extra care of your siding. If excess water and snow penetrate its surface, it may be susceptible to rotting and cracking. Spicer Bros. Construction is the premier siding contractor in Salisbury, MD, and the local area. We offer quality siding options that are available in many colors and textures.

4. Consider window and door replacement – Much of your home’s appearance and comfort rely on your windows and doors. If the previous season damaged these elements, it’s best to get a new set. We are the top provider of quality windows and doors in the region. Our products are not only beautiful and durable; they also offer maximum energy efficiency.

If you notice any part of your exterior that needs immediate repair, maintenance, or replacement, contact Spicer Bros. Construction today. Apart from the four projects mentioned above, we also offer services for other parts of your home, including your decks, sunroom, and outdoor kitchens. Call us at (410) 546-1190 or fill out our request form to schedule a FREE estimate.

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