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Debating when to tackle window replacement? Summer is an ideal time of year to schedule the project because there’s no fear over cold weather or winter storms, which could delay the work.

In this post, window replacement and residential roofing experts from Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. discuss the benefits of replacing your windows in the summer.

Preparation For Winter

Replacing your windows in the summer can help you prepare better for the winter months. Once summer is over, temperatures drop and old, worn down windows can affect your home’s heating costs. By having your window replacement done during the summer, you can adequately prepare your home and finances for the winter.

Take Advantage of The Weather

Having your window replacement project done during the summer helps minimize the risk of weather-related delays. Most contractors prefer to work when the temperature is warm and the weather is agreeable so your project can be completed quicker without any interruptions from bad weather.


Summer tends to be a slow season for window contractors as many homeowners go on vacation. That means you’ll have an easier time booking a contractor at a time that’s convenient for you. For assistance in installing your new windows, you can always turn to the residential roofing and window replacement pros of Spicer Bros Construction, Inc.

Cost Advantages

Some contractors offer lower prices in the summer since business is slower. This puts you in an advantageous position as you can negotiate a better price for your window replacement.

Turn to Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. for your home improvement needs. We are your number one provider of residential roofing and window replacement services. Give us a call at (410) 546-1190 and (302) 703-6754. You can also fill out our contact forms to request an in-home consultation. We serve homeowners in Salisbury, MD, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and nearby areas in DE.

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