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Slate roofing provides unparalleled durability and timeless charm to any home. However, it also has some downsides. If you’re considering investing in slate roofing from your roofing company, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the material.

Pro: Longevity

Slate roofs can last over 100 years if properly installed. This is the longest lifespan of any roofing material, making slate a valuable investment.

Con: Expensive to Repair

Slate roofs can easily be damaged during repairs if the work isn’t conducted by an experienced contractor. For example, a professional working on your air conditioner from the rooftop can easily damage a slate roof, and repairing this damage can be quite costly. 

Pro: Fire Resistance

If you’re looking for a fire resistant roofing option, slate tile is the way to go. Compared to other materials, slate tile is completely fireproof, making it a good option for homeowners who live in wildfire-prone areas.

Con: Expensive to Install

Any roofing contractor will tell you that the cost of installation is one of the biggest cons of slate roofs. Many homes need structural reinforcements to support the heavy weight of slate tiles, which adds to the installation cost. 

Pro: Appearance

Homeowners tend to be drawn to slate tiles because of their beauty. Slate lends any home a classy appearance and is available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and colors. With slate tile, you can be as creative as you want with your roofing system.

Con: Difficult to Install

Unfortunately, many contractors lack the experience and skill to properly install slate roofs. To avoid shoddy workmanship, ask your contractor about their experience with slate roofs and only hire a contractor that has in-depth experience working with the material.

Pro: Environmentally Friendly

Looking to live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Slate roofs can help you achieve just that. Thanks to the superior longevity of slate, you don’t have to worry about contributing to landfill waste.

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