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Choosing the right siding product for your home is about more than performance and durability–it’s also about beauty. After all, your siding is the most prominent component of your exterior, so choosing a siding color that looks beautiful and complements your home’s architecture plays a big role in your curb appeal.

Top Siding Options

Here’s a look at the most popular siding colors for 2017.

Mixed and Matched

To create a more visually interesting exterior, more and more homeowners are choosing to mix different shades of siding rather than limiting themselves to a single hue. Many industry experts attribute this to the growing popularity of Craftsman and cottage house plans. Mixing and matching different elements of your home’s exterior creates a rich, multi-dimensional aesthetic.

Natural Look

Natural hues and textures are in. You may have noticed this trend over the past few years as more homes, and even commercial buildings, have incorporated rustic design elements. While wood itself has fallen out of favor as a siding option in recent years, the look of wood is still popular, and can be achieved through other less expensive materials.Muted TonesMuted and earthly tones are increasingly popular for homeowners, with desaturated blues and greens very much “in” for 2017. Set against lush landscaping and a clear view of the skyline, a home with muted tones can look truly stunning.

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