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Your roof is a huge component of your exterior, so it needs to look beautiful and complement the other components of your facade. Here’s a look at the top roofing trends you may want to consider for a stunning home:

Beautiful Home

Affordability Is Always in Fashion

Your roof replacement is a major investment, but certain residential roofing materials are far more affordable than others. This is where asphalt shingles come in. They are the ever-dependable option for homeowners working on a budget. With proper maintenance, they can offer superior protection throughout the seasons for several decades, while looking great too.

Energy Efficiency Is at a Premium

Thanks to advancements in the roofing industry, homeowners should not expect anything less than superior energy efficiency from their roofing systems. It’s all about having the right mix of aesthetics and functionality.

Dependability Prevails

Metal residential roofing systems have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their dependability and energy efficiency. The good news is, metal roofing systems now come in a wide variety of designs to complement any home style, so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for performance.

Organic Is Back

The organic look is one of the most sought-after aesthetics for the year. Wood shakes are the top choice for a natural look—their aesthetic appeal is second to none and can give your home that charming, rustic country feel. Fortunately, asphalt shingles can now mimic this look too for a fraction of the price.

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