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Your roof is one of the most visible parts of your home, which means the choice of roofing color will have a major impact on your home’s appearance and curb appeal. In this blog, roofing company Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. shares tips on choosing the right roofing color.

Coordinate the Roof With the Siding 

Roofing and siding are the two most dominant components of a home’s exterior. Your roofing and siding colors need to be in harmony to ensure a cohesive look for your exterior. 

Visual texture should also be considered when pairing roofing material with siding. A good rule of thumb is not to pair two materials that are both visually busy. For example, if your home has cedar shake or faux stone siding, pairing it with “color blend” asphalt shingles would result in a cluttered look. You’d be better off with simpler, flat color shingles, or even standing seam metal roofing. A capable residential roofing contractor can help you choose a material that will look great with your existing siding.

Tall House, Dark Roof

Many people overlook the significance of the building’s height when it comes to choosing roofing color. The general rule is: the taller the building, the darker the roof should be. A two or three-story house with a light beige roof would look off-balance. The same house with a dark gray roof would look more sophisticated and balanced. If you are concerned about whether a dark roof would absorb more heat, manufacturers like CertainTeed® offer ENERGY STAR®-certified “cool roof” options. These roofs have reflective properties regardless of color.

Try Different Color Samples During Different Times of the Day

Exterior colors will look different depending on outdoor lighting conditions. If you are having trouble choosing among several roofing colors, ask your contractor for samples. Place them against the siding on the curb-facing side of your home, and check how they look in the morning, during midday, at sundown, then again at night. Eliminate samples that don’t look always look good. Doing this can quickly narrow your selection down to one or two colors.

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