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If your deck is looking old and worn down, you’re probably wondering whether you should have it replaced. Old decks aren’t just an eyesore; they can be unstable and thus a hazard. Read on as decking and siding contractor Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. shares the signs that it’s time for a new outdoor deck.


Dry Rot

Dry rot is one of the most common problems associated with decks and other wooden components installed outdoors. It is caused by certain species of fungi that consume cellulose and other parts of the wood that give the material its strength. Wood affected by dry rot becomes soft to the touch and easily pried off. Dry rot can weaken support posts and even result in collapse of the deck.

Minor wood rot can be repaired by removing the affected parts and filling the holes with wood filler. However, extensive dry rot will require rebuilding your outdoor deck. Consider investing in composite decking and siding if your local area experiences high humidity levels.

Concrete Footing Is Not Level

Blocks of concrete set into the ground, the concrete footing of your deck functions like the footing on certain types of house foundations. Concrete footing is carefully set during installation to make the deck perfectly level, and the main support posts are then set into it. If the footing starts to lean away from the deck, stress is applied to the structure. When this happens, parts of the deck may need to be torn down in order to correct the problem.

Your Outdoor Deck Is Simply Too Old

Depending on the material, decks can have an expected lifespan of as little as six years. Some decks last longer with regular care and maintenance. Environmental factors, including humidity and average rainfall, will also affect the lifespan of your deck. If your deck happens to be near the end of its service life, it will show signs of wear and tear. Eventually, it will reach the point where a replacement would be more practical than repairs. A capable deck contractor should be able to assess your outdoor deck’s condition and advise on the best solution.

Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. is your leading provider of decking and siding installation services. Give us a call at (410) 546-1190 (Salisbury) or (302) 703-6754 (Delaware). You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an in-home consultation. We serve customers in Salisbury and Lewes, DE.

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