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Thanks to ColorPlus® Technology from James Hardie®, this elite brand’s fiber cement siding is available in a broad selection of siding colors. This gives you the flexibility to home in on the exact siding color that you want. If you’re having trouble choosing a color, residential roofing and siding contractor Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. shares tips in today’s post.

Tips on Picking the Right Siding Color

Look at Your Neighbors’ Homes

You can take inspiration from other homes in your neighborhood. Take a walk around your block and pay attention to the siding and roofing colors. You’re not trying to imitate anyone’s color palette; rather, you’re getting a sense of what could make your home look unique while still complementing the other homes.

Research Your Home’s Architectural Style

Your home’s design may have been based on a particular architectural style that’s traditionally associated with certain colors. In certain cases, breaking away from tradition could compromise the authenticity of your home’s design. For example, a Craftsman-style home will typically have earth-tone residential roofing system and feature siding colors such as green and brown. Choosing a stark and modern color palette white-and-black would look out of place.

Permanent Components

Your home may have permanent components like brick or stone, so it’s important to choose siding colors that work with them. Not all colors work with brick and stone, so if you’re unsure of what to choose, consult your siding contractor.

Your Existing Roof

Make sure the color you choose for your siding complements your roof. Another option is to tackle roof and siding replacement at the same time; this can minimize downtime and cost.

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